The Mallee – Where the people are Mallee, tough not Malleable

About 60 km north-east of Murray Bridge is the Mallee farming community of Karoonda. The town is a good rest stop for interstate travelers. The Karoonda Farm is a big event for country people and often attracts the interest of city folks as well. For travelers coming from the eastern states or the southeast, Tailem Bend is the first glimpse of the Murray well worth a stop and look to fill up the car and the tummy with fuel. Three highways, the Dukes, the Princes and the Mallee converge just east of Tailem Bend. This is a railway town linked to South Australia’s steel road. Allow time to step back in history and visit Old Tailem Town as you head to Murray Bridge.

Visit the Lameroo Craft and Heritage Centre Museum enjoy a Devonshire tea and experience the early settlement of the area. Outdoors enjoy a picnic at Lake Roberts and SA Dry Trail, see why this place is known as “Oasis of the Mallee”. From here travel to the town of Pinnaroo visit the Mallee Tourist and Heritage Centre complex which includes a printing museum, a world famous grain collection, restored engines, old farm machinery and a heritage museum of local artifacts, photographs and historic items.

One of South Australia’s most characteristic landscapes, the Mallee has a large variety of native plants and animals. Many enthusiasts and birdwatchers will relish this rare opportunity to see endangered plants and animals in their natural habitat. Discover the Mallee Highway for more information.