Golden landscapes, Blue skies, Good times

You’re always welcome to the Murraylands
South Australia’s favourite family playground

Murraylands…Adelaide’s lifeblood flows to the sea

G’day…from our Riverland neighbour in the north, the mighty Murray River takes a final turn at Nor’ West bend towards the Southern Ocean. It’s decisive move seems to allow the river to relax and broaden, carving, deep, ochre chasms through the limestone remnants of an ancient seabed. Bringing an oasis into this semi-arid landscape covered in mallee, the many stemmed vegetation that has adapted to such harsh conditions.

With it also flows our lives of character rich communities with a passion for fun, life and experience. It also nourishes our lives, providing a playground far from the frustrations of modern life – yet just an hour from Adelaide, you’ll discover the Murraylands. Come and discover our history. Connect with nature, experience the mallee or just cruise our soulful water….whatever you do, just enjoy yourself!

Find out about Murraylands Food

Murraylands... it's unexpected!

Tempting Trails of Visit Murraylands Country Grub

Our food is not set to show off... rather it nourishes the Soul and adds comfort like the food of yesteryear. Our food has not lost its attachment to a living culture / produce. Indeed its often paddock to plate! And as you wander around our Region you will see the paddocks of produce: vineyards, olive groves, citrus, almonds, onions, lettuces, potatoes, mushroom cultivation to name just a few.

Cycle it! Murray Bridge Trails

Pack the kids in the car, pile in the bikes, the food and head off through the Adelaide Hills to Murray Bridge. Just a hop, skip and jump away along the Freeway.. You've got 3 great Cycle It ! Trails to choose from. For beginners, intermediate or the adventurous Out of Africa to Monarto Zoo leg. Cycle It!

Murraylands Canoe Trails

Fun and history with minimal impact on our Murray River. Enjoy this beginner and easy trail and explore the Murray River around Mannum and Murray Bridge by canoe. A comfortable paddle past beautiful and historic waterfront properties and much more...

A to Z of Murraylands experiences

Great ideas for a great time. The Murraylands is so close to Adelaide and is the hub for the east coast visitors. From motor festivals to music, food to playgrounds. 4 wheel driving to relaxing river holidays with little escapes or you could unveil the mallee colour. An affordable holiday experience for everyone to enjoy. Go see A to Z.

10 great outdoor things to do in the Murraylands

Get your chocolate fix. Explore Monarto. Visit some fantastic museums in our region. Go camping and much more. Get some great ideas here for your next family and friends getaway.

Free things to do in the Murraylands

Do you need an escape? the Murraylands has got some of the best valued experiences in South Australia and only a stones throw from Adelaide. Sensational walks, swimming, bbq's, bird watching, playgrounds, art galleries and much more. Have fun for free.

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